What Our Patients are Saying

SO of San Clemente says:

“My experience at Dr. Sayed’s office has been nothing but positive. The staff at the office is  friendly and helpful. Appointments are made at your convenience, quickly and easily. The  atmosphere in the practice is highly professional and very clean. It is also very kid-friendly and  relaxing, not uncomfortably sterile like some other offices. The results were beautiful and I  have been smiling more than ever since getting my braces off. I was also very pleased that my  braces were taken off in exactly the month I was told they would come off at my consultation  before getting braces. Overall, I have no complaints about the service I received and I would  recommend Dr. Sayed to anyone. He is a very caring man and wants to make sure you get  perfect results.”


Cindy R. of San Clemente says:

“4 members of our family have all had wonderful experiences at the office of Dr. Mark Sayed.    Myself (braces for the 2nd time-a little different when you’re an adult!), my two teenage daughters, and my son who’s in the transitional stage (had an expander and is now waiting for all his permanent teeth to come in).
Super helpful staff and always able to squeeze us in & work around the kid’s school/sports schedule for appointments.  We get compliments on our smiles all the time.   Thank You.”


K.K. of San Clemente says:

“Excellent results. 3 members of our family are patients of Dr. Sayed.   My case was hopeless, I was told in the past.    Dr. Sayed did a free consultation for me and confidently expressed that he could straighten my teeth.   18 months later my teeth were straight.   He does not believe in pulling out teeth to “make room”.    He is very kind and also has excellent training.      Without his expert work, I cannot imagine what my daughter’s teeth would look like right now.   She had 2 teeth growing in sideways, but he has managed to turn them to the correct positions.   Our family has great confidence in Dr. Sayed.”

Naomi B. of San Clemente Ca Says:

Hi I just wanted to let parents know that Mark Sayed DDM has done an amazing job with my first two kids teeth, they are now 18 and 15 and because of Dr. Sayed they have beautiful smiles. My little one is 8 and she is not quite ready to begin orthodontics however Dr. Sayed schedules appointments with her every 6 months just check in to see how her teeth are coming in. What I like best about his practice is that he doesn’t try to sell me on stuff we don’t need. He’s very honest. He keeps up with technology and new findings and is always educating me on the latest in orthodontics. Another thing that I really love about his practice is his staff. The front staff is always very nice, always calls to confirm appointments and I never feel like an interruption. The dental assistants are always patient with the kids and go over an above. On one particular occasion his nurse met us at the office on her day off as she was headed off to an Angel baseball game because my son broke a bracket and was in a lot of pain.
Before finding Dr. Sayed 11 years ago, I met with several orthodontists and I chose him because I believed in his methodology and he was highly recommended by my dentist, Dr. Wallace Thune

What Referring Dentists are Saying

I have known Dr. Mark Sayed for almost 18 years. We had both just purchased new practices  in San Juan Capistrano about the same time and developed a strong professional relationship by  building each other’s practices from mutual referrals.

I consider him an exceptional Orthodontist and a great friend. I have referred  almost all my patients that required orthodontics to his practice. I believe that Dr. Sayed is the  best skilled Orthodontist in the area and, in fact, I had him treat my own daughter. The results  were extraordinary and she constantly gets complimented on her smile.

Dr. Sayed is also known for treating cases non-surgically, even when the patients were told by  other specialists that there was no other way. I can attest to this statement since he accomplished  this on several of my own patients.

I can’t tell you how happy my patients were to not have to go through surgery and still have a  spectacular result. The results speak for themselves, as many of my patients refer their own  friends and family directly to Dr. Sayed during and after their own treatment is completed.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mark Sayed and his team for orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Robert L. Kluss


I am a general dentist in Los Alamitos for the past 20 years.   I have known Dr. Sayed for the past   19 years.   He has treated both my daughter and son with braces and phase 1 interceptive appliances.

The results have been outstanding.   His knowledge and attitude with parents and kids alike is calming to them.   He has a stellar reputation in San Juan Capistrano and in Los Alamitos.

I would recommend Mark to anyone who want an innovative and progressive orthodontist.

Dr. Larry Diamond

I have known Dr. Mark Sayed for over 15 years. We have been very pleased with his work.

We have referred many, many patients to him over the years, both adults and children. In fact,  he has treated two of my own children, both of whom are adults now, and both would highly  recommend him. When I mentioned to my youngest daughter, who is now 21 years old, that I  was writing this letter, she said she would like to write a letter of recommendation herself.

In fact, while she was being treated years ago as a child, several of her teachers ended up being  treated by Dr. Sayed as a result of her enthusiasm for him.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sayed and his staff for orthodontic treatment!

Dr. Douglas S. Field
130 Avenida Cabrillo, Suite B
San Clemente, CA 92672

I have known Dr. Mark Sayed, for twelve years now. During this time I have referred hundreds  of patients to his practice.

Mark has taken care of two of my own children for braces and retainers, and my third child is  going through the process right now. I have been very happy with the results. Their teeth look  perfect. My patients have also been very happy with the care that Mark has given them.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mark Sayed and his team for orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Bob Sears

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