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Mark Sayed Orthodontics has been in practice for over 20 years in South Orange County.   He is so thankful to the community that has supported him that he wants to give back by helping schools.

Some of the projects we   have sponsored are:
1. Science Camp Essay Sponsorship: This is a great opportunity for your  school/ pta/ science camp foundation to fundraise. Dr. Sayed will donate money for each student that participates and we will choose one student to earn a full science camp sponsorship.
2. Halloween Candy Buyback fundraiser for school: Each student that brings in their Halloween candy to our office during designated dates and times, will earn cash and Dr. Sayed will also donate cash to the student’s school.
3. 4th Grade Math book sponsorship.
4. Silent Auction (complimentary phase I Orthodontic Treatment/value $3700.00).
5. Foundation sponsorships.
6. October in National Orthodontic Month: We can give your  school presentation on what an orthodontist is, does, how much school is involved and give out a toothbrush kit.

We would be happy to meet with your school or pta to discuss the needs of your school or program to see if   how we can help.

Please contact our office at 949-493-3993

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