Meet our Office  Manager: Shawn.

Shawn has over 6 years of orthodontic patient care and several years  of health insurance expertise. Shawn has the ability to maximize orthodontic benefits while making the patient’s experience virtually  pain-free. For families without specialty coverage, Shawn will  customize a payment plan … interest free.

Shawn is a proud father and enjoys spending time with his son. He is  an avid baseball fan … loves the Angels. When he is not spending  time with his son, he enjoys playing on a softball team.

Meet our  Back Office Manager: Sylvia,RDA

Sylvia has over 30 years of orthodontic experience. She brings a  wealth of clinical knowledge and a passion for orthodontics which she  shares with each of her patients and co-workers. Sylvia ensures  the back office runs smoothly and also assists Doctor Sayed with patients.  Sylvia’s greatest gift is her love of orthodontics and ability to make  each patient feel like a part of the family.

Meet the Orthodontic Assistant: Alison, RDA

Alison is a registered dental assistant who enjoys  helping patience discover the smile they’ve always wanted and dreamed of. Besides being great at what she does, she loves children and always takes the extra time to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

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