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40% of All Sports Injuries Involve the Face | Dr. Mark Sayed

Mouth Sports Guards

Mouth Sports Guards

Helmets, knee pads, shin guards…if you’re an avid athlete, or the parent of one, you know the importance of proper protective gear. But did you know that up to 40 percent of all sports injuries involve the face? Mouth guards can dramatically reduce the risk of sports-related oral injury.

Wearing mouth guards while participating in sports protects more than your teeth.   Thicker mouth guards can also help absorb shock, and in certain circumstances, may help prevent a concussion.

Mouth Guard Care

Always wear your mouth guard during practice and games. Never chew on it because you may weaken the material and decrease its effectiveness. Holes, tears, and damage to the mouth guard may irritate your gums or soft tissue. If you notice damage, replace your mouth guard immediately.

Before and after each use, check your mouth guard for damage and rinse it with cold water or mouthwash. You should regularly clean your guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste or in a solution of soapy water. Be sure to rinse it well and store it in a firm, perforated container. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight high temperatures.

Dr. Mark Sayed Orthodontist in San Juan Capistrano recommends the following athletes should wear mouth guards who participate in:

Acrobatics Field Hockey Racquetball Squash
Bandi Football Rugby Surfing
Baseball Gymnastics Shot Put Volleyball
Basketball Handball Skateboarding Water Polo
Bicycling Ice Hockey Skiing Weightlifting
Boxing Inline Skating Skydiving Wrestling
Equestrian Events Lacrosse Soccer
Field Events Martial Arts Softball